Questions You Should Definitely Ask When Looking For A Wedding Location!

There is so much involved in arranging a venue that it is easy to overlook a question. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 20 important questions for you.

Congratulations, you are getting married! But besides all the friends who want to admire your engagement ring, the blissful feeling and all the love, there is also a lot to be arranged. You will also have to find a location for your wedding party. Maybe you already have one in mind.

To get all the information you need to book the perfect location, Bridalimpressionsva has prepared this questionnaire. This way you can be sure that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Is the location available on the date you have chosen?

You may not mind scrolling, but you may have chosen that date because it has a special meaning. In the latter case it is very important to ensure that the location is available on the date you have chosen.

Is there another wedding planned on our wedding day?

Some locations have multiple rooms or areas where you can celebrate your wedding. It is possible that you suddenly bump into another bridal couple in the garden or in the hallway. If you don’t like this, keep that in mind.

Is there enough space for my guests?

It is important that you determine your guest list in advance so that you more or less know how many people will be present. Maybe it turns out that there is more than you had thought beforehand and you have to take that into account in terms of space.

How do you determine the price?

Is there a difference between high and low season? Are there services that I don’t use, but that I still have to pay for? It is always good to know what you are paying for and why it is for a certain price. Especially if you are in doubt between two locations, this can be an important factor in your choice.